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If you want a watch that's tough, precise, and functional, why not look for one designed by someone whose job is to be just that? That's what Nixon did with the Regulus, their entry into the “tough digital” watch world. They worked with Special Operations officers to spec out this rugged watch that's ready for hard use in the field. With a reverse-LED display, tough polycarbonate/Poron concstruction, and thoughtful design throughout, the Regulus makes its debut as a strong contender for your next everyday timepiece.

At a quick glance, it may look like just another digital watch, but the features that are packed inside separate it from the pack. The timekeeping module features a dual-chronograph display so you can time two missions at once, whether it’s something critical in the field, or you just want to keep track of dinner on the stove. 

The display lights up via a variable brightness LED that illuminates the entire screen—ideal for when you want to keep a low profile but still need to read the time at night. The features are also easy to access, thank to the front facing buttons on the face of the watch. The 46mm case is built to last, featuring 100 meter water resistance and shock resistant materials throughout. The battery inside will last up to 5 years, so you don’t have to worry about frequently changing it.

The Nixon Regulus comes in three different colors that'll pair nicely with the rest of your tactical gear: black, gunmetal grey, and sand khaki. Pick one up in black at the link below.

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And at 46mm, it can also function as a dinner plate.
$150 for a Chinese made watch? If where its made doesn’t bother you, I’d just pick up the ubiquitous $40 G-Shock. Same functionality, issued to countless units within the US military, and special ops proven, if you’re a nerd for that kind of thing. Also made in China but 1/3 the price.
You beat me to it-- Styling and functionality seems to be aimed "squarely" at taking on the venerable G-Shock DW5600 series. But for triple the price, it is not clear what more you are getting for the extra money. As a matter of fact the $45 DW5600 boasts 200m water resistance vs the Regulus' 100m.

It is a very nice looking watch though. I am sure gear hounds will be all over it, regardless of the steep price. it would have my attention too, if only it were priced competitively.