My every day on my person carry

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Albuquerque, NM
I carry one of these handguns every day in either the inside waistband (concealed carry) or outside waistband (open carry) holsters. Years ago I was advised to carry 3 knives. One everyone knows about, one some people know about, and one no one knows about. Once you start carrying a pocket flashlight you will wind up using it multiple times a day.

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Do you literally carry all 4 handguns daily? What's the point?
My apologies. I wrote that BEFORE reading your description lol.
NP - I can see how it might be construed that way. I carry them in a monthly rotation in order to facilitate ease and timely cleaning and maintenance at my leisure. I always carry 2 spare mags with me as well. I am a believer that allowing the magazine springs to rest between uses fully extend extends their life span. To this end I rotate mags along with the guns. I unload the mags at the end of the month and remove the base plate in order to allow the springs to fully extend and rest. with 4 guns in the rotation, and the number of mags I have, it is over a year before they are in use again.