My EDC/ Get Back Home Bag

California, USA
I'm a EMT Student who plans on becoming a Paramedic

Upper Right: On person.
Everything else, in my pack.

I am trained to use everything in Medic Pouch. Designed handle life threatening MABOC (Massive Bleeding, Airway, Breathing, Oxygenation, Circulation) Issues
This pack aims to prolong life till EMS arrives, not to necessary save a life. Patients need transport to a Hospital for definitive care.

I also have a BVM in my car for more BO treatment.

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How do you like the pack?
Its the end all of packs. I have several north faces but none of them stand up to the Fastpack. It has everything a backpack I would want/ need. Its comfortable, great segregation of pockets, accessibility to key items, adaptable to any lifestyle, and most importantly, the pack looks cool every second