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Broadcasting (age 44)
Dallas, TX
A few updates from my ~2012 pocket dump. Wood grain has been replaced with aluminum. The Rimowa is not part of my everyday but certainly part of my every week carry.

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Finally a Ham. I have a couple that I switch between and it's defiantly part of my EDC.
I haven't found anything smaller that does as much as my VX-3R. I also have a 7R but it is not something I carry around. Someday there will be a clear choice in digital voice modes.
I have a 6R coming this month due to the submersible option because I've had issues carrying and getting caught in the rain multiple times. Have you had any experience with the 3R in rain?
I'm always impressed when I see someone else has a Ham Radio as part of their EDC. Nothing like alternate (or primary in some cases) communication as well as the ability to know what is going on over the emergency channels.
Nice update — it's neat to easily compare snapshots of your EDC over all these years. Any reason you ditched carrying a lighter these days?
I found I hadn't used it in a long time. It was more sentimental than functional. When I leave civilization I now carry a magnesium rod and steel striker.