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Engineer (age 43)
If I were wearing shorts with only 2 pockets and wanted to carry minimal but useful tools and keep things inconspicuous ..... What would your Spartan choice be???

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I agree with Tawashi, X-light is an extremely bright little light for its size and very affordable. It also has many lighting options. The wallet is made out of a printed piece of A4 paper so it cost me nothing. Durability is limited to a couple of weeks but then I just make another and I can change the printed design to suite my mood. The leatherman, well I find I use the scissors more than I would a pliers. I could of course go with my Victorinox Classic for an even lighter option...but I like the tooling options the leatherman offers. My iPhone is an absolute daily essential. I would feel naked without it.
Thank you. The great gear everyone owns and showcases is superb. But this got me thinking about what my absolute minimum, light but essential carry would be if I had only 2 front pockets on let's say a shorts...what would yours be?
X Light is nice!
I use too.