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Saint Agnes, Cornwall, United Kingdom
I'm an environmental consultant working with marine parks around the world, specialising in tropical environments. This lot comes with me everywhere. The Vamoose Pioneer jacket is awesome - hardwearing, waterproof and highly breathable... better still it has it's own pocket technology, easily converting into a great little rucksack whilst keeping all your essentials tucked into a dedicated storage space. Everything else is old, tried and tested. The Space Pen being the oldest at 20 years old. I added the clip 4 years ago to stop it rolling around whenever I put it down. My sunnies need to float - so do my keys... a massive bright keyring helps me find and float them. The wallet has lasted for ages, the iPhone is the best bit of communication tech invented over the last 40 years - the Otterbox has taken a beating and still does it's job..... years of refinement here, effective, light and long lasting is what I live by!

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Love that Vamoose jacket! Are there any retailers in the USA? Or will the company ship to the US?