Blazed EDC

This is my usual carry. I like the orange because I can always find my stuff if it falls out of my pocket.

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I'm not usually fan of orange but dayummm....
I use the orange Magpul case...orange all started after I started dropping stuff between the seats of my car and couldn't find it with black accessories.
Nice EDC! Do you get a set bonus for all the orange items? Haha, JK.
Those sunglasses with the lens side down though...
Thanks guys...oooh orange light saber would be pretty sweet.
Very sleek carry. impressive, Jedi
Really cool carry man, really like the orange. I like it when people have a common color in their EDC, I usually try to make everything I have green :)
Nice, I miss my Suunto. I stayed with a Vector because I like the weight, unfortunately the lugs in the battery compartment finally wore out.
I thought about going with a Vector when I got my Core, everyone seems to swear by them for their value and dependability.