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Cali SF Bay area
I carry all this stuff on me on my belt at all times where and when allowed. The Maratac watch on my wrist obviously. It rotates out between, a Tissot, Seikos, Orients, Victorinox, and a Magrette automatic. The Taser and cartridges are for self defense (I frequent shady places) since I can't pack my Glock 19 here in CA. Tasers are legal to carry.Flashlight for dark times and can come off the key chain with a twist and pull and ecurely fastens back. Lighter for any situation needing a burn. Fluid doesn't dry out since it's o ring sealed. The Squirt used for small tasks and when a less aggressive blade is needed.

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No training at all in California. A practice cartridge is given with the purchase. Taser company actually offers a rep to come out to come train you if you need it. I think it cost extra. The purchase also comes with a pretty good instrucional DVD. Thanks!
Do you have to go through training to carry a projectile taser? Nice Carry by the way!