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Brighton, UK
When I put on a pair of jeans (which is almost every day), this is what goes in the pockets. The pen gets used more by other people than by me, but it irritates me when someone asks for a pen and I wasn't expecting it, so I carry it anyway.

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What does the mini-me EDC though?
I don't have a macro lens, sorry! :D
You're carrying some awesome stuff, but frankly, the best thing you're carrying is that beard. Awesome growth!
Thanks very much!
I like that folding comb
how do you like the Boker? Does it have a pocket clip?
It doesn't have a clip but I like it a lot. Good, sturdy construction and a very sharp blade. I've seen lots of quality control complaints about this knife on various forums but I'm happy to say that I don't seem to have been affected by anything like that. Would definitely recommend it.