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Melbourne, Australia
These are the items I carry everywhere I go. The Key Caddy and Essentialist Wallets are the products my team and I have crafted.

1. I love my G-Shock watch and couldn't imagine my arm without it. I'm not a big fan of fancy branded watches and prefer something that feels tough and can handle anything with me.

2. I love both Apple and Androids, they both have their place in the market but I switch back and forth between both.

3. Key Caddy - Had a pair of favorite jeans and my old key rings kept putting holes in the pockets. Upgraded to expensive branded jeans and the same thing happened so we created the Key Caddy - Keeps my keys neat and tidy. My favorite part is I can fit it in the small coin pocket in my pants.

4. Essentialist Wallet - I never knew how handy a screw driver would be until I had it on me all the time. Love this wallet, it feels tough and durable just like the feeling my G-Shock watch gives me. Carries my essentials: bottle opener/screw driver head, 32GB USB, essential cards and some cash.

5. Calvin Klein crossbody bag - Normally most of my EDC's above are packed neatly in here. Also used to hold a few backup pens or sometimes I might buy a bottle of water and put it in. Anything else that I don't want to put in my pockets or carry around the whole day goes in here. Couldn't imagine life without it.

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