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I'm curious; in what kind of environment do you live/work that necessitates carrying two handguns, three clips of ammo and a tyre deflater?
Should do have labeled it as my bad side of town carry
I realize that I'm late to the party, but I couldn't resist. He's carrying a max of 27 rounds of 9mm and 12 rounds of .380. Most guys won't walk around with 3 magazines (not clips) of single stack ammo because at this point, you might as well carry a double stack handgun. Two guns is better than one because it gives you options, and most importantly the opportunity to arm someone else if the crap hits the fan. And last but not least, we can do this in America because we are free...mostly.
That contego is a heck of knife. How's the M4 steel hold up to edc work? Ever need sharpening?
I've carried it 6 months now and sharpended it once. It has roughly the same edge retention as D2 in my own opinion.
Thanks for the reply. This knife's on my list.