Winter EDC

This is my carry for jacket weather.

The P239 is an oldie, but fantastic. It conceals well in anything but a T-Shirt in a SOB IWB Galco. When this isn't in a jacket or my briefcase, I carry a well worn S&W 642. That thing can go anywhere and is my favorite concealment gun, just a little light on power.

The Fenix is an amazing torch. 960 Lumens is pretty darn bright and the water proofing works well.

The watch is a Seiko SNK809. I've got some really nice watches, but I wear this cheapo automatic 90% of the time.

The rest is pretty standard stuff. Wedding ring. Zippo. Kershaw is nice and cheap. Extra mag that I stash in a pocket or IWB holster depending on clothing.

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I swapped my 239 .40 for a 938. I wish I still had both. Can't go wrong with a Sig. Nice set up.
Thanks man. That Sig is amazing.