4x5 Loadout

Photographer (age 24)
Longmont, CO
What I typically have in my bag for a large format shooting trip. Normally I'll have at least 4 film holders in plastic bags. As far as the tripod, a lot of people would have a problem using a 3 legged thing tripod for large format work. Its certainly not perfect, but it works. The sticks are lightweight and somewhat short, but still relatively sturdy. I'd say the least sturdy part of the setup would be the Manfrotto Junior head, but I still prefer it because I can be precise. The Chamonix is made from lightweight wood and carbon fiber. Its mainstay is that its extremely lightweight; with certain features left out so that it can remain so. Unless I'm shooting in extremely high winds, I'm golden.

The Copenhagen jacket I'll keep in the bag and use as a dark cloth. Plus I can wear it if the temperature drops. The first aid kit is a new addition. I typically don't go on extraordinarily long day hikes, but some of the places I venture are pretty secluded, so a lightweight first aid kit is good for peace of mind if nothing else.

I'd like to upgrade the loupe and light meter, but they get the job done right now.

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