The Bearded Photographer

Student (age 21)
White Plains, New York
Into photography so the lens is part of my everyday kit.

Been growing out my beard so of course I need my beard essentials.

Just recently got the Quartermaster Mr. Spicoli knife and I absolutely love its minimalist design and size.

And of course gotta stay somewhat stylish with the iPhone 6, the LV wallet, and the obnoxiously gold Nixon Watch.

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What Case are you using on the iPhone 6?
Nice card holder, the gray and black one has been on my list to purchase.
Thank you, it's definitely stylish, but with the thick leather manages to be rugged as well.
How do you like the Mr. Spicoli?
The Mr.Spicoli is amazing. For its price, you really cant go wrong. It reminds me of a JBB knife with its minimalistic, large blade style but for half the price. I actually like to use my knife, so at the lower price point, I don't feel as guilty.