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Retail Worker (age 23)
Newcastle, Australia
Everything from my pockets when I get home from work.

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What kind of Toyota do you have?
Nice call. 4runner
Cool! What year? Mine is an '06 V8 4wd Ltd. Best cars on the road. I can tell by the key yours is 95 or older...I really like the older ones.
93. Yer took her on a few dirts roads today. Wish they still sold em in Australia. they stopped after 95
Bummer. What about Land Cruisers and FJ Cruisers...Are they available there?
Yer the landcruiser has been one of the most popular cars for 40 odd years. The fj has been a bit of a flop here though. I read toyota is looking at bringing back the 4runner next year though. Its got my hopes up