My Everyday Carry

This is the minimum that I have on me at any given moment. Working on another post with my EDC for when im doing something outdoors/ can dress more casual. This is all I can really carry wearing business casual all the time.

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Is it just me, or does the Shield 40 have less perceived recoil than many people feared? I owned a Walther P99 9mm at one time that kicked far more enthusiasticly than my Sheild 40 loaded with personal defence cartridges.
Yea it really doesn't kick at all. I think it has to do with the spring in the slide. It's a dual stage progressive spring. My 380 bodyguard kicks harder than this does.
The S&W Shield is nice. What do you carry it in?
Just a generic inside the Waistband holster. I love this gun to carry. More so than my 380 bodyguard.
Nice. I carried the Bodyguard 380 for a year and then recently switched over to the Sig p938 9mm. The Bodyguard is nice too.