My Everyday Carry

The knife and watch often change. But this is my typical non work day. Work day is the same minus the pistol.

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That exact orange Casio G'Zone once saved my butt on a canoe trip in the Everglades. Literally surrounded by gators, a buddy and I reached a dead end in the swamp - keep in mind, there's no dry land there AT ALL...all water and marsh. As a matter of fact, we had to camp on giant manmade platforms. Anyway, I always take that phone an any outdoor excursion because of its ruggedness. When we reached the dead end, I had a single bar of service and was able to contact the ranger station and get directions to paddle out. Thought I'd share! Nice carry!
Love the CZ they are such great guns. Nice dump.
Nice carry brother love the cz, I'm a die hard cz fan, having something solid,reliable and accurate on your person is pretty reassuring if you ask me,anyways I'm jealous because we cannot ccw in Canada and I don't think I will live multiple lifetimes to see it happening anytime either, have a good one man.
Great story Chris, sounds like quite the trip!!!