Basic Black Pocket Dump

Kirkland, Washington
Once I've got these on me, add my laptop bag I'm ready for 95% of anything the world throws at me.

The Coach mini wallet isn't available anymore, which saddens me - it was the smallest and most elegant wallet they carried. I try to keep my wallet as small as possible, ideally the same size as my phone - both are front-pocket items, I can't stand big wallets or big phones.

The pen and knife are nice-to-haves that prove their worth at least 3-4 times a week.

The old school Zune premium earbuds are impossible to find nowadays, I hoarded a bunch of them when they were more readily available (RIP Zune) and am slowly working through my cache of earbuds. When they all die, I'll be forced to find a new earbud that I love, but for now these fit my ears perfectly and have the best dynamic range and bass response I've ever had in an earbud. Love these buggers.

iPhone 5S - because despite my pavlovian desire to upgrade to the latest iPhone, I can't swallow the idea of a larger phone in my pocket. Even the 6 is just too tall and wide. Why, Apple? Why?

The Panerai wristwatch is a gift to myself to celebrate the birth of my 2nd child - I'm celebrating "family complete" status. This watch reminds me I need to keep hustling to provide for that family. :)

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Listen, man...this is no doubt a nice carry, but the focus here should truly be on what you carry below your nose. That's a sweet stache, Brian!
Great set, but I miss a flashlight from it. I highly recommend the Photon Microlight, I have the Pro II version, cheap, lightweight, small and awesome.
I've thought about adding a light, but so far I've been able to make do with the iPhone flashlight. That Photon is sweet tho...