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New Albany, Indiana
My EDC fluctuates slightly based on the weather and my attire, but in general, this is a pretty typical EDC for me. I have had a lot of fun adding to my EDC lately and changing things out.

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Nice spread. I have to learn to make those paracord accessories one of these days.
Thanks man. Yep I just watched YouTube videos and now I've got a ton of them.
I love that holster!
Thanks! I love it too! Very comfortable and it keeps the gun close to my body. Great quality too.
The Avispa is a sweet knife!
I know! I just got it a couple weeks ago and yesterday I ordered its little brother (Zancudo) in digital camo. I already have the Ontario RAT 1 & 2 and love them too. The Avispa is definitely my new favorite (or "current favorite" I should say) EDC knife!