The all-day traveler

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This carry is optimized for my bigger Crumpler Kashgar Outpost bag.

At least 3 kendamas and one yoyo is brought out for practice or to simply have time fly by (not to mention, having fun).
I prefer notebooks with no lines, so my ideas are not confined when scribbling on it.
Fine-point drawing pens (the Pilot) are one of my favourite pens for idea dumps and the LAMY is normally used for signatures.
The Makahas are to protect from glare and bright lights.
The audiophile setup also doubles as a desktop setup (DAC), should the need arise.
Power bank for extended device usage, and lens plus tripod mount / stand for everyday random occurrences.

Hope you guys enjoy this setup and get new ideas for your own setup!

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If I took public transit I'd def get back into audiophile portable audio setups. I really miss my Shure SE530s. Such a great sound sig
IKR? Such legendary sound. I'm considering taking the drivers and turning them into custom IEM's.
What's your setup?
So neatly organized. I see you've added more kendamas too...very cool!
Thanks again Chris! An honor to be able to inspire others.