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These items go everywhere with me. I like efficiency, utility, aesthetics and a mix of materials; avoiding plastic and black.

I like to make bits and bobs - the simple key holder is an homage to a popular design, made on the cheap; and the little lanyards are sinnet braided from single 3ft lengths of micro paracord.

The Gerber shard is new and on probation. The E99Ti is new and definitely staying; it's fantastic! I've a few Russian watches in my rotation, but that's my favourite.

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Nice clean shot, Glen. Can you post instructions in the DIY thread on how to make the key holder?
Thank Marc! I'll try and get something up this week, after all the lobbying I did to get a DIY section ;-)
The people have a voice!
Do you have any instructions on how to make your key carry?
I'll hopefully post something in the forums this week Jakob.

[edit] here you go - http://forum.everydaycarry.com/index.php/topic/113-how-to-leather-key-bar/
I am soooo making it these days!
That Spydi Grasshopper is a great buy! Cool lanyard job. Very nice set-up.
Due to some interest, I've posted a how-to for the leather key bar in the forums - http://forum.everydaycarry.com/index.php/topic/113-how-to-leather-key-bar/
Three cheers for Glen!
Great set up, do you know if they offer a pocket clip for that Fenix light?
Fenix don't seem to offer a clip, but from what I've read, clips from other manufacturers may fit.
The lighting couldn't be any better, Glen! Perfect shot and awesome gear. Congrats on the E99Ti...isn't she just lovely? ;-)
Magic! Even smaller than my E01 and throws an AMAZING amount of light, on a AAA too! Definitely my favourite thing in my pocket.
Nice post Glen, key holder is a great idea !
For the sinnet braid did you use a crochet hook, some other tool, or do it all by hand?
I did it by hand, if there's an easier way, I'd like to learn :-P
Hi Glen.. I am interested in how you wrapped the cord around the Gerber Shard.. I have one, and use it occasionally to tighten a loose screw on my sons' hockey helmets or a quick tightening in my travels.. But I would love to have some cord attached to it.
I also am loving the full pics, working on trying to set up my EDC pic as well. Thanks in advance,
Hi Jim, I just wrapped the micro paracord as tightly as I could and tucked the ends into the wrapped bit. I trimmed the ends sticking out and because it's nylon, sealed the cut ends with a flame, melting them into the nearest bit of cord slightly. It was a bit fiddly, sorry I don't have a better explanation.