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Gladstone, MI
I spend my money with the mentality that I'm purchasing an item once. I've had most of these items for many years, now they're practically old friends.

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I really wish I had a Mnandi… Props on this EDC! Great photo too.
where can we get that hankerchief?
What car keys are those?
Let me rephrase that... which Fiat Abarth keys are those? 500?
500 - It will be exciting when FIAT starts to introduce other models to North America. Until then all we have is the 500.
Great photo! The key holder is neat too.
It's obvious that a lot of thought went into the specific items in your carry, and they're good ones. Awesome EDC!
Old friends look after each other. I like your style
I really love that watch, do you know if it's still being sold?
It's not being sold, sorry. That watch is #2 of only six watches like that that exist in the world
Why is the watch no longer being sold ? It's a cool looking watch..
This watch was produced in 2010 or 2011, the company who makes each profile creates them all in a limited quantity. It's one of the aspects some people like about the company, knowing very few people will have a similar watch.
GREAT mentality to have, Jason!