My Entry Level EDC

ICU Nurse (age 22)
Bataan, Philippines
These are the basic things I usually carry when I go to work at the hospital. The Fenix e05 is a favorite when it comes to pupil size assessment.

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No such thing as entry level! You have some nice kit there.
Thanks Dom! Put some effort building em up. Still adding things to the collection tho
I am super conflicted about my Shard because the phillips tip stabs my leg and I worry it is going to tear my pocket. Lookin for a smaller flashlight though, that one bright enough at 27 Lumens? Not much light in my backyard when I am out there at night. The brighter the better.
Hello Kevin, the one captured is the Fenix e05 2014 edition which packs 85 lumens at max, decent light for the size. You may opt for Fenix e12, it's an AA powered flashlight with max of 130 lumens. I see mods of the shard philips head filed out, you may want to check that out
Very cool image of your gear!
Thanks Chris! Love your assortment of watches and tools