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Sydney, Australia
I work as a social media creative and carry all of these around with me daily. Everything except the canteen and camera go in my pockets. Stuffed into the rest of my bag are a few other items like an external HD, cables, a Macbook Pro, iPad (boring) and a Quark Mini 123 that's just a little too much for my pockets.

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So much to love! That wallet is super cool...
Thanks! I've bought at least 3 of them for other guitarist friends. They're awesome.
How do you like your X100? Any plans to upgrade to the newer models? I'm in the market for one and trying to justify buying an older model versus the newer models.
I do love it (and the autofocus and options have improved hugely over time) I'd be splurging for the X100T - having a proper rangefinder-style focus (picture in picture) would be amazing. I'd get something like this over say, a Sony X100 or Lumix LX7 for the feel of the manual controls and the colour accuracy.