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Cali SF Bay area
These are the watches I rotate from. Not exactly high end watches but I chose these for its durability in terms of everyday use. All are automatic watches. I don't like relying on a battery nor do I like to send more batteries into our landfills.

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Great watch collection, I love 'em all. Will check out Maratac.
Love your collection. I've got 3 of those (Maratac, OM, Orient Sparta). Very thoughtful collection and great buys.
Thanks fellas! I'm looking for an auto bronze watch but not sure if I should spend any more cash on a watch? Maybe more on knives?
Rolex GMT root beer....hard to find but worth it.......and pricy.....i want one myself since i have a coke and pepsi models
Gorgeous timepieces, MTBoxer!
Nice collection!