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hello my name is alfredo melendez form venezuela. what is your opinion about the seiko SNK809?
good comfortable wrist watches for their prices!
thanks for your answer, i was asking beacause i edc one of them and i notice that every two or three days the watch is going forward 5 minutes. i dont know why... i live in venezuela south america
i edc one of those and is going forward five minutes every two days. wanted to know if you feel the same
I have not noticed this, for two days may gain only a few seconds.
Love those old looking keys!
Love those keys! Great carry. (o_o)y
Where did you get those (modern) skeleton keys? I've been trying to find some similar.
Oh, it's just my house keys:) I get it from flat lessor.
Those crazy looking skeleton keys are neat. Do you have a link to where you purchased from? Thanks
Just in Ukraine (for example "Эльбор")...