Office in a bag

Everything is wireless in my setup. I need to work in trains and hotels without sacrificing comfort.

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I have one of the Sandisk Media Drive. Awesome product.
how do you like the kindle?
I like it a lot! Nice reading comfort, lot of book in a minimum space!
I have that multi-pen (19) but I can't find it on the Rotring website, can you please tell me anymore information about that pen, I'm looking for refills?
I found it, the pen you are using is actually the "Rotring Quattro". Thanks.
What is the model number of that tripod?
The Amazon link goes to something else
It's very old so it could be impossible to find!
Curious what you use the stamp for? Full disclosure I work for Trodat
To stamp my data (VAT no., the name, company name etc) on the receipt when I lunch in a restaurant!
How do you find the Sandisk media drive? Been toying with one myself for in the field backups from my camera.
It's a wonderful piece!
Great electronics carry!