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Arkadelphia, Arkansas
This is my current EDC while on campus and working in the lab. I am looking to drastically update this. I am already in the works of ditching the composition notebook, as well as investing in a decent drafting pencil.

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Been years since I've had any sort of photo ID, but I too carried my Passport book around, excited to hear Irish citizens from July can also obtain a passport card that will fit neatly in with my debit cards etc.

Nice edc man :)
I love having a little booklet for my Passport. This particular one I received when I was travelling to Ireland for a wedding. Sadly, haven't needed it for more than a second (or third) form of ID since.

I've already got improvements in mind for the EDC. First is streamlining the wallet.
Thinking something like the Hammer Anvil Front Pocket Card Case and a magnetic money clip for cash.
Sounds good, in the exact same both, have a wallet that's slowly turning to dust.
Here is the wallet I'm looking at. I think I'm going to order it in the next day or so. Just waiting to see if anything else catches the eye.