Grandfather's EDC ('70)

Very vintage EDC used by my Grandfather

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I thought this was a hipster's EDC until I read the description - some lovely pieces
My granddad wouldn't sport a ready tied tie, as a gentleman, he tied his own.
I would greatly love to see this vintage theme played out more often. Our grandfather's EDC is just fantastic.
I'm siding with Greg here - love the Persol glasses! Great shape and colour, timeless really. The aesthetic of the radio and camera match up nicely. Thanks for sharing Otto.
In reality the camera and sony are from very early 60's maybe 62? Im a sunglasses nut and have a pair close the that, just diff lenses. I would love to add them to my collection! Steve McQueen really made them famous
Nice to see that EDC hasn't changed too much in 45 years!
Love the old Persol, Radio etc.....to me 1970 was not that long ago....im old myself
no tobacco for the pipe?
Very cool post. Great to see what your grandfather used to carry. Curious- were these things of his that you found, or was this his actual EDC?
"Magic, Science and Religion" by Malinowski - required reading for anthropologists. All he needs now is a bull whip and fedora.