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Architect (age 23)
Bristol, Rhode Island
What was in my bag today for school. A mixture of architecture supplies, pens, books and eating utensils.

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You must be last guy to use instruments! I took a glass at CC and ended up teaching the instrument drawing portion! It was a logicworks class but initial part had to be manual. I took drafting 30 years ago in high school! I am glad to see someone knows how to use the old methods!
Thanks! I do most of my initial and conceptual work by hand using hand drafting techniques, the final work is all done in Revit.
Nice old Pelikan 400N FP&PCL. Great aesthetic and equally great performers. As good if not better than contemporary offerings.
Thank you! I agree, I love their vintage pens more than most of their modern offering. This one has an XXXF, needlepoint nib that writes a line about .13 mm thick. I use this one mostly for freehand sketching and some lettering.
A cool benefit of having a XXXF nib would be the ink reservoir likely lasting a very long time. Provided it is not setup with super flex and a wet feed. Also the Pelikan series 400 can carry a good amount of ink especially for their size. The older 400 tort series has a far more aesthetic color finish too IMHO.
It lasts weeks, sometimes a good month or two depending on how much drawing I do. The nib is naturally very flexible, going from XXXF to about BB, but I rarely flex it, except it I want a heavy contour line in a drawing.