Tighties Wallet EDC launch

CEO Founder (age 35)
Eagle, Idaho
This is a minimalist wallet that is a great item for the edc enthusiast. We've spent the last 2 years playing around with idea and getting samples made.
We finally have it the way we want it and have launched it on kickstarter. It carries everything you need and nothing you don't. Since its expandable it allows you to add as much or as little as you like. I like to put an extra stick of gum and a memory stick in mine. It keeps my pockets organized and when i shove it in my bag it keeps all that stuff together. This is great when traveling and you gotta go through security.

We added a loop to allow for a key ring or to attach in your bag. Every Tightes comes with a stainless steel key ring loop.

Hope you all will go check it out on kickstarter.



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My brother in law and i created this product let me know if you have any questions. We'd be happy to answer them. check out the project at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1378220576/minimalist-wallet?ref=nav_search

hope everyone digs this as much as we do. It really has changed the everyday carry for us and how much we have in our pockets
Jokes aside, can you speak a bit more about the material and how it holds up to everyday carry? While the design is very minimalist I worry about potential stress points in the thong portion and where the cable ring attaches. In your testing have you ever accidentally caught the ring on something while pulling it out or using it that would stress the attachment point? Also, the material seems to be pretty grippy. How does that affect both retention and access of cards, and retrievability from/storage into the pocket (think tight jeans or slim five-pocket pants). Clever approach, I'm just curious as to for whom this product is best suited.
The material is a medical grade silicone. It doesn't absorb odor, is actually fireproof and won't melt when put to a flame. The material is a nice balance of stretch and rigidity. My brother in law used his everyday last year while we were testing. He lived in the bronx and pulled out his train card as well as credit cards everyday and it held up well. I don't use mine with keys regularly. I'll hook my keys to them in certain situations but don't keep my keys on it regularly. I do hook mine to a clip in my bag on a regular basis.

I guess to put it in perspective a good comparison would be the live strong bands everyone used to wear. Those yellow bands didn't break after years of use. Tighties is using a similar material. We've got a year of everyday use and the wallet held up really well.

the material isn't very grippy the cards are retained mainly with the elasticity of the product. It always takes its original form and doesn't lose elasticity.

Who is the product best suited for? i think anyone who wants to slim down their wallet. Carry only the essentials. I've got 4 credit cards a dive card, licence and 6 bills. No problem. Those that have huge wads of cash it may not be for them, but today who carries a lot of cash? I only keep cash for the baby sitter these days. We'll have to work on another video to show what the wallet can do. good questions. Thanks for taking a look. Love the feedback.
it doesn't seem to offer much support. what about people with larger wads