Nargalzius' EDC

Manila, Philippines
My "city dweller" gear. That is to say, what I usually take with me everyday :)

When going out of town or if I need a bigger loadout, I usually replace the Bolstr with an Ember Equipment modular backpack, and add in all the extra stuff I would usually need.

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That is one amazing time piece. Would love to own one someday. Awesome carry man.
Sorry, but my OC-ness got the better of me. I put my reply where it really should've been.

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Hi, where can I buy that EDC bag here in the Phils?
Hey Nathan, so sorry I didn't see this comment.

Unfortunately I got this from Kickstarter so I don't think it's ever going to be sold here.

But if you want it, I'll be willing to sell mine to you (only used this a few times) - since I had to upgrade to a bigger capacity carry. Email me carlosantos at gmail.com if you're interested.
Who makes the toothpick case?
Hi Mike,

Sorry, linked to the wrong page for the toothpick case.

I got the case (and the Ti toothpick within) from SunshineProducts USA

That's a great keychain setup.
Thanks, Ben!

That keychain "system" also comes with a pull tab - which I usually connect to the car keys (thanks to the HookUp clips), I wasn't able to include it since it was connected to a set of keys that my sister had borrowed for the day. It's been nagging me ever since LOL
Cool, how do you like the bolstr? I think it's really well-made with good organization, I just haven't really been able to pull it off…
Bernard, I think it would depend on the loadout.

I was lucky to have my stuff actually "gel" with the whole Bolstr system. For example, the powerbank fits perfectly inside that extra pouch they have.

Then as you can see I have a lot of "dangling" stuff, so the inner and outer rings are perfect for hanging them on. I did swap them out with thinner metal rings after the picture was taken to make it easier to connect smaller hooks on them :)

I also particularly like the provision for the extra strap for the waist (but I personally strap it to my leg) for bike riding :)