University and Work EDC

Wroclaw, Poland
My typical set for a whole day at university and work.

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Praktica MTL5 - GREAT STUFF ! Thanks for photo of inspirational set.
Do you have enought memory for apps in Samsung Galaxy Xcover. I like the toughnes of the phone but no room for external memory slot it's a failure.
It's a pity that there is such low internal memory on this phone - either you root your system or just have to live with a small amount of apps...
will it really hold a 15" macbook pro?
It's a 13" one, so no problem, but before I had it, I used to carry HP g62 in it, which is quite large - its possible but makes Wombat a little flatty and hard to put other things in it
Finally some Helikon gear, nice. I also carry black insulation tape, but using a different method.
Is there a different method to carry tape? Couldn't think of any other.