Yet another Maxpedition EDC

Hope You all like it. Im a little Maxpedition addict.

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So you use it like a, forgive the reference "a Fanny pack".
I don't know about Andrzej but here's what I do:
My JANUS is usually attached to my jumbo versipack as a strap extension. When I don't need the whole bag I just unclip it, fold the extension clips in on each other and use the strap as a hand strap. JANUS goes in my hand, strap goes around the back. If someone wanted to get catty they could say I take it off my man purse and turn it into a man clutch.
What do you carry in the Janus
Everything fit's exept number: 2, 5, 6, 10. 2 is attached to the Janus.
This is a well thought out edc. Well done! Do you have a single favorite item in there?
Thank Craig for comment. My favourite item is Leatherman Blast. I use it almost every day. It's got everything you need in everyday routine.
Maxpedition does great products. Do you carry all this in the Janus attached another bag, or just on it's own?
Surgical Gloves are attached with rubber strings external on front in Janus. Garmin eTrex 30 goes on it's own. Everything else fits inside, but it's tight :) It's also a little bit heavy. Grabbing ringing phone quickly, it's not so simple and fast.