Walkabout Photography Carry

San Francisco, CA
THis is my basic street photography carry kit. A canon 7D with a 50mm lens makes for awesome images. Extra batteries are a must. I do not like key chains weighing me down so I only carry one key. Simple time piece with style. Victorinox knife is a useful carry. iPhone for model and location releases. Extra CF card for additional photo storage. And finally an Arcade Belt to keep me styling while holding my pants up (the everyday carry gets heavy).

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Good carry. I hear you on the keys issue.
i like that watch a lot. any more info on it?
What lens do you have on your Canon for everyday photography?
50mm 1.8 or 35mm 1.4 Depends on my mood.... and what I am photographing.
That's a pretty sweet belt! Should I buy one?....hmm
Yeah those belts are the best. Plus the belt is plastic so I can get through security without any hassle. I travel quite a bit and that is important to me. Oh yeah and they stretch which is nice on long flights.
Why the Nikon lens cover with Canon gear?
I shot the photo with a Nikon D750
and you carry the camera how??
Lowe Pro Shoulder bag. was Not sure if I should have added that yo my carry...?
So what did you use to take the picture? Good edc! Im not a camera guy, but power to ya!
Nikon D750 bread and butter camera these days.
nice carry, just curious: why the 2nd lens cap?
I have a Nikon which I used to photograph this shot. I have a small shoulder pack for the cameras. They go everywhere with me.