Everyday Carry - bare minimum

IT Sales (age 28)
Buffalo, NY
This is bare minimum what I have on me all day
- iPhone 6 64GB AT&T - i have 2-3 cases in rotation, currently using Apple Silicon
- Oliver Peoples Bernardo (Cocobolo)
- Incipio OffGrid Ultra Thin - received in an xmas gift package from Incipio, I can't see where these are sold. Just enough juice to get me through the longer days, id say can provide about 33-35% more battery life
- Kershaw Amplitude - perfect size and minimalistic look for me
- Hillside pocket square
- Hudson Design and MFG pocket comb - Kickstarter two friends of mine ran, cool little piece with a bottle opener
- Cole Haan Slim card case - g/f got it for me for xmas, works for now
- Seiko SSC007 - love this watch, looks great on the stainless bracelet or with NATO straps - solar powered
- Miansai Bracelet - love their stuff
- KangAlex bracelet (auto corrected to "Changeless") - add a pop of color, wear on same wrist as watch
- Jaybirds bluetooth buds - amazing bluetooth buds. I have used Plantronics, Beats and Jabra, and these fit amazing, and sound the best out of what i have used. killer 8 hour battery life. Use them while running and on the go

Forgot to tag my Pen - BigiDesign - Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus - great pen, I am OCD about the type of ink/refills I use, and this fits almost everything - http://www.bigidesign.com/welcome/solid-titanium-pen/

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Great breakdown and awesome EDC. Do you just stuff the bluebuds in a pocket?
Thanks! when I am not wearing them the fit real well in my left back pocket, the back pocket I don't have my wallet in. Barely noticable. They come with a real nice clamshell hard case that I keep them in when I have a bag with me.