max 4 pocket edc

Firefighter (age 23)
Hornell, NY
As a firefighter I like to carry a lot of tools to help me through a variety of scenarios, but at the same time I may need to put my turnout gear on at any time which is difficult to secure over one or many belt sheaths. I grew up with my grandfather, who was also a fireman, always carrying a Maglite, Leatherman and a Buck 110 each in their own sheath, and they all became necessary tools to me, but he was also a fireman from a different era, where they didn't need to secure bunker pants over their waist line, causing severe discomfort and movement restriction with a belt sheath. To remedy this I've done some research and basically compartmentalized my side and rear pockets to maximize carry capacity, while at the same time making it easier to secure my turnout pants by keeping everything below my waist line. Everything pictured is carried in the side and rear pockets of either my jeans or duty pants at the station, XDs carried iwb 4'o'clock, kept consistent for ease of use.

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Image quality? Who cares. This is a SOLID edc to be proud of. What holster and belt do you use?
Thanks Craig, I haven't gotten everything sorted out the way I'd like with the gun yet, I just got my permit a month ago and I think the paint is still drying on the gun, I haven't even had it a week. For now I've just got a no name Chinese black "genuine leather" belt, the kind from wal-mart with the double pronged buckle and two sets of holes going the entire length of the belt and a Tagua black leather 4-way holster. As cheap as the belt was I originally bought it as a temporary fix until I found a better one but it's been working fine for me for about 4 years now so I haven't felt a need to replace it, I've been thinking of buying a black Sideguard Tuck Snap holster though so I can tuck it under my uniform shirt at work.
I apologize everyone for the photo quality, I'm an amateur with an iPhone 4.
Yes, you should be ashamed of yourself. ;-)