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San Diego, California
For those days that don't involve much planning, many commitments or major undertakings, a lightweight no-frills carry is my go-to.

Tactile Turn has quickly become one of my favorite pen companies - I think I have 5 of their pens now. The Schmidt knock is really what drew me - all my favorite pens have the same mechanism - but at the end of the day I actually *like* having to sign something or take notes when I have one of these in my pocket.

The Prometheus Beta flashlight is still the distinguished gentleman in the rapidly expanding 1xAAA options, with a dead simple UI and sleek finish. I prefer the clip to keyring carry, clipped to the coin pocket of my jeans above my knife.

The Brous Bionic 2.0 has earned its way into my rotation. Smooth action, perfect size, lightweight, and great ergos are somewhat counterbalanced by a lock bar that I sometimes miss with my fat thumb. The blade is plenty hard and sharp enough, and the shape is an elegant, unassuming modified wharncliffe - perfect for a day that starts in the office.

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