My Everyday Carry

Everything I carry on a daily basis. I don't dip; the can is a reminder to exercise self control. It's there, I could dip if I wanted to, but by not doing it I'm exercising self control, which I in turn apply to everything else on a day to day basis.

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Just got the Small Summit Lake, love it. Thank you for your service.
When I was in, the bourbon flavored cope was big. I remember at itb an instructor stole mine. Semper Fi.
I understand why some people would think it's useless to carry the can of dip if you don't use it. But from my point-of-view, EDC is about what makes sense for you, and it makes perfect sense you have something to exercise self control. I bet it's the least used item in your kit, but probably it's the most important.

And it definitelly looks great.
Thank you for your service!
I was like 'G-Shock watch? Dip? Is He a marine?'... Yes, He is.
Lol good guess. I only recently got the watch after my old one busted after hitting the ground.
Thanks for your service! I have the same watch and I really love it.