Ultimate Keychain of Ultimate Destiny

Law Student (age 31)
San Diego, California
What is the bare minimum you can walk out of the house with? Maybe not a watch, probably not a pen/pad or a light, maybe not even a knife or tool. Wallet, phone, and keys, right? Doesn't matter if you're running to the corner store for milk, or you've gotten a call because someone needs a ride at 3am, you're grabbing at least those three things.

Without creating a mess of gadgets, without pushing the weight to unmanageable levels, and without forgetting that most days I'm already going to have a knife and a light, I chose to build a small level of utility into my keychain.

The RUT is expensive for what it is, but it is a great little cut/pry/open tool that weighs little and takes up a very small footprint. The Quantum D2 uses a super-tiny rechargeable battery, has tritium locators built into the tail to help find it in the dark, and offers an amazing amount of light for something so tiny. And the TiKey is a great key management system for someone that doesn't particularly like the jingle of keys.

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