Today's minimal carry

Portland, OR
Today's minimal carry consists of the Fenix E11 flashlight, the Momentum Steelix and the Northwoods Fremont Jack.

The Fenix E11 is a great all-around minimal light to carry. Slips in the pocket well and doesn't take up a lot of room.

The Momentum Steelix is a comfortable and easy to read field watch. The lume on is lasts an easy 6-7hrs so it's readable in low light conditions.

Last up is the Northwoods Fremont Jack. I just acquired this little gem a couple days ago. Only 500 were made for this year and as of 3/4/15, is completely sold out after being available for one week. It's blade is 1095 carbon steel and it's handles are a blue-dyed camel bone. This knife is a pure joy to carry and to look at.

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