Writer/Biker/Accountant/Grad Student EDC

My EDC is designed to get me through full-time work and full-time grad school. I use the Kindle Fire HD6 and headphones to listen to audio books at the office.
Fountain pens are my real hobby, and I've used the TWSBI line of pens since their inception, here paired with the clairfontaine notebook which acts as my jotter/planner/quote catcher/life coach. The pigment liner pens are for note taking in my personal books and in the notebooks when I need a SUPER fine line. I carry Plackers because I'm an accountant and I'm OCD! Big items go into my Osprey Momentum 26 backpack (not pictured). Also not pictured is my D.M. Bullard gun belt and my CCW. It wouldn't be concealed if I showed it to ya! :) The Kokuyo notebooks were THE find of my grad school career. I'll never buy another type of large-ish notebook again. The Spyderco Delica 4 is my entrance knife into this EDC rabbit hole, and I'm sure more (and more expensive) Spydercos will soon follow. I ride a motorcycle everywhere (BMW R1200R) so everything is on my person or in my pack and traveling only at road speeds approved by my city, state, and federal governments :)

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That floss tool though! haha. Those things are handy.
3 years later and I still carry one every day! I'm a dentist's dream, for sure
Very nice carry! What is the brand of the pen case? I have been looking for something like that.