Load out 3/5/15

This is a typical OWB carry load out. Pretty casual dress is required for concealment, but it's cold today.

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Gun, knife, and decoy wallet sounds like my New Orleans EDC lol.
That is basically all I carry on me. Everything else is in my bag usually, unless I am know I am going to be with out it. If I am carrying too much stuff I forget where things are clipped or stuffed or hidden. I like to keep my belt and pockets pretty simple and consistent. Everything else has a place in my "get home bag".
Where did you find that clip for your CRKT Minimalist? The one that came with mine was plastic and broke within the first few days.
It is from a hybrid holster in the "drawer o' holsters". I swap out those metal clips for kydex or injection molded clips on my gun rigs. I will probably get an injection molded clip from Stealthgear to put on there. Those metal ones are too sharp and catch on stuff.