First EDC post - Vintage & Leather Vibe

Ontario, Canada
Been lurking and figured it was time to post.
This was my Sunday carry. The Wilk Watchworks Classic is my typical wear and is my favourite watch.

Everything else rotates daily. The iPad case and lanyard are artisan quality, and both were holiday gifts.

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I see the Opinel No. 8 a lot, is it a quality blade? I like the style, but worry the blade won't hold up over time.
The opinel has its use. I picked it up for $15. Out of the package it was very sharp, slices well and it holds an edge, and is easy to sharpen. However, if you really use and abuse your knive, I suggest something with a more substantial locking mechanism that is also more rugged. For me purposes however, I love it.
Simple but effective!
Thanks. It was really ironic timing that the 'classy' themed edc article went up a few days later. This was a weekend carry. My typical edc is a bit more streamlined and effective.