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Malvern, PA
I see some who posts as EDC that you would never think to carry everyday or even possible to carry everyday. This is my more realistic minimalist EDC.

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What Burt's Bees comes in a black tube?
I have to confess on this. It's not black but brown. One day I asked my daughter for a chapstick and she gave me a new one to use and I used it and kept in my pocket for later use. Month or two passed by and I finally realized that it's actually rose(red) tinted one(assuming it's for girls) By this time I've used many times and nobody noticed anything different so it's been in my pocket ever since. Part of that is laziness since I already have working one, it's not red red but very light tint so people don't notice it and lastly I'm old enough that little things like that won't bother me unless it really pops out. This is very YMMV depending on who you are. ;)
Ah, gotcha... I've been known to do the same with a Blistex Silk and Shine... I was wondering because I have an all-black EDC and I'm partial to Burt's Bees too... I was hoping that you had found their regular balm in a black tube... I'll check that one out, though...
I'm not sure I understand. Did you paint it or color it with a marker to make a brown tube?
It's actually brown. It has slight red tint to it which I'm assuming girls use them as I originally got it from my daughter one day when I needed it. I just didn't notice it till like 2 months down the road that it has red tint to it and just never bother to get different once since no one noticed it anyway. :)

This is the one. http://www.amazon.com/Burts-Bees-Tinted-Balm-Ounce/dp/B004GDSWH0?tag=bg999-20 Its red but won't notice much when it's on. Or at least that's what I hope
Don't see a lot of folks with the Cricket. It's one of my favorite supplemental EDC knives. It's proven to be so handy. It's time for mine to be taken apart to be thoroughly cleaned/lubed and have the scratches on the scales buffed.
Different people have different needs but Cricket fits my need although sometimes I wish i have bigger knife. But its small, much thinner than most of other knives, very sharp and easy to cut box due to it's blade shape. I figured if I need more than what I carry, it's usually pretty close by and wont need it often enough to warrant carrying it. If I really need more than what I carry, I figured nothing that I can carry will be abled to handle and need real tool. I used to carry thick wallet and many other things but wanted to slim down especially after finding out bad hip pain I have for more than 12 years could have been due to Sciatic nerve caused by thick wallet that I used to carry in my back pocket. I stopped carrying in back pocked about 10 years ago But suffering. :(
I also carried a Kershaw Leek for quite some time. That might be an option if you want something slim and a bit longer than the Cricket. However, I agree how compact and useful the Cricket is.