Night Bike Carry

Vancouver, Canada
My carry from a late night ride last night. Glad I brought the eye pro since it ended up being only 5 degrees out.

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How do you like your Native 5. I love mine.
I just got it a couple days ago. I would have preferred the G10 version but it had pretty sharp corners so I went for the FRN. I love the blade shape and how light it is. I will say that I have to work for every deployment or else it won't lock up properly.
It loosens up a bit after some use. My main draw back is that I can't flick it open like I can my Sage, Delica and even my cricket. I can still open it one handed but it's a bit too stiff. I don't want to tinker with it yet. However, for not having liners, it's pretty darn heavy duty and I have no issues with putting it through the wringer.
Yeah I agree. I have an easier time opening my delica and caly than I do the Native. I adjusted the pivot point and it helped a bit.