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My every day carry minus my wedding ring and my Invicta Pro Diver; forgot to take them off. I chose a burgandy bandana as it doesnt show stains and as a compress it is less likely to incite panic. My wife gave me the chaps wallet but I might make my own. While I like my Thrunite T10T I am having trouble with the clip. The PST was given to me for my 10th birthday so it flops arround like a butterfly but that really endears it to me. I like Cold Steel's Hold Out series and generally use them interchangebly but I do get a lot more looks when I go to open a box with the Hold Out 1. I modified ths Cold Steel Hold Out III because of the small clip and textured nature of the handle. This was ripping up my paints so I mixed up some clear epoxy to go under the clip as well as lossening the clip just a hair. The pocket widgy is so I don't ruin my knives. I really like this keychain. I have heard some people worry about the mechanism but its really stable. The cable wears at the crimped ends before anything happens to the mechanism so there is plenty of time to get a new one especially if like me you bought 10. I've gone through 3, usually lasts me 3+ years.

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