My Everyday Carry

Istanbul, Turkey
This is my everyday carry except for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. I carry it when I'm going to lectures or to the office. I carry it with the supplied power brick and a Microsoft Arc Touch mouse in a Thule Subterra 13" Laptop Attaché. (All the products listed here except for Microsoft Surface can be bought within Turkey.)

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Man I really like that watch! *checks price* oh.. nevermind lol
lol I know what you mean. I've seen several submissions by students with $2-3,000 watches. Blows my mind.
It was a graduation gift from my parents. I try to take good care of it. It is my only high end watch.
Twsbi! Good call! Where's that notebook?
I forgot to put it in the picture. It is a fairly simple, thin and light notebook that easily fits in your back pocket. You forget that it's even there. It has squared pages (5mm by 5mm). 24 sheets, high grade 80gr per square-meter paper. It is really good for both biros (especially SpacePen) and fountain pens. Absorbs ink very quickly. Very smooth paper.
It is very cheap too. I pay around 1 to 2 USD for each whereas FieldNotes cost around 10 USD for a 3Pack. Made in France.