March 2015

Mortgage Guy (age 25)
Sioux Falls, SD
Starting with from the left: Rhodia notebook with some Klipsch S4i "Rugged" headphones wrapped around it. Good notebook, graph marks are maybe a little too dark. Passable headphones. Remote doesn't work with my phone, but it does take calls with the mic. Sound is pretty good. This is how they go in my back-left pocket.

Phone in the front-left. This is just some cheap case for my Moto X.

Watch for my left wrist. Today it's a Seiko SNDC33. Love this watch. Not big, or flashy, but still nice enough for the office and tough enough for whatever happens after 5.

Front-right pocket is for a Fisher Bullet with the clip, my keys, and a Scorch jet lighter with a cigar-punch tool on the bottom. On the keys I have the Leatherman Squirt, which I find new uses for every day; some random Coast keychain light I found in a grocery store that works for now; and a little tritium vial because it's neato!

For my wallet in the back-right I got a Distil Union "Wally" Bifold. It's got a pretty neat slid-out feature, and I like how thin it is despite the many cards and papers I carry. Seems durable. I recommend.

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