Analog EDC

Here's my EDC, aside from my EMS gear that I wear on my duty belt, these are the items that are always on me, both on & off duty.

Although I do not smoke, I use my Zippo lighter almost daily.

I carry 2 knives, one for general use (CRKT) & the second in case I misplace at a scene or drop/lose it. Multi-tools are very handy and I have my trusty Leatherman Wave, and for back-up I carry a Gerber Dime on my key ring.

S&W tactical pen with Fisher Space Pen cartridge offers me a writing instrument in all conditions & all weather.

Streamlight Stylus Pro offers me a convenient, small & powerful light in tight spots and for general use.

My Casio watch has been with me since my Army days (built to last, ask the Navy SEALs). Homemade Paracord Bracelet (nothing special about it, offers around 6-7 feet of paracord if needed).

Dollar Store notepad, John Deere Leather wallet with Realtree Camo and as I don't like the rattle of pocket change (and being in Canada) I carry my coins (up to 1 & 2$ coins) in my holder.

And I don't carry a Cell Phone... Hence the Analog title!

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